Articles & Blogs:
10/16/10 Boston Globe:  DE-paving the Way!  SCA's 10/10/10 global work party event
10/14/10 Somerville Journal  Somerville Climate Action de-paves two yards as part of global work party

5/11/08  Boston Globe: Davis Square Minds its Carbon Footprint
5/15/08 SustainableInk blogs about GoGreen Somerville

11/11/10  Climate Change in Somerville procuded by Wendy Blom, Somerville Community Access TV
10/11/10  De-paving the Way to a Safer Climate.  Also a fun 2 minute time-lapse video of the day from the Somerville Patch.
05/08/09  Living Green Festival time lapse video

                A list of films about Climate Change, Food, Energy, Peak Oil, etc.

10/24/09  Somerville Climate Action was a lead organizer of the Boston Under Water Festival as part of's International Day of Climate Action

Radio broadcast: Somerville Climate Action, Action!  interview of two SCA members by Rob Moir of Ocean River Institute